Candle of the Month - Silver

Candle of the Month - Silver

Our March Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is… Silver


The precious metal silver is found in the Earth’s crust so we wanted a really earthy scent to match. This month we’ve played on the idea of giving elements from the Periodic Table a smell that we think matches. 

When we found this beautiful silver jar, we thought that it just screams manly. It’s dark, it’s mysterious and perfectly shiny.


Initially, we thought of the jar as being similar to the metal, Iron. We started researching Iron and creating a label for the jar, going with the name Iron.

It wasn’t until we went to get the stickers printed, that one of the staff pointed out that it seemed to suit the name Silver, more than Iron.

 How could we even forget Silver? It’s like we had a brain fog moment and forgot silver even existed.

We knew we had to change the name, so the research began again. Looking up all things Silver, we came across so many fun facts. I never thought I’d know so much about silver in my lifetime. Did you know that silver is the most reflective metal? We thought it was a nice fit to match the shiny copper jar we chose for this month’s Sweet/Fruity candle.

Once we had agreed on our revised name, we had to pick a fragrance to go with it. We’ve been holding out on this fragrance for a while, knowing we’d find the perfect jar to match. When we store our fragrances in our library we mark down a few key notes that we think describes them perfectly. This fragrance we had written down as ‘Dark, Mysterious and Rich’. We pulled the fragrance from the shelf, poured a test candle and we were in love! Such a beautiful jar, fragrance and label all together.

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