Candle of the Month – Pomegranate Splash

Candle of the Month – Pomegranate Splash

Our November 2018 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is...

Pomegranate Splash 

With a fresh green accord, this splash of Red Pomegranate has an almost tart fragrance. Blended with the native Amazon fruit acai to bring a fresh and revitalising scent of the rainforest into your lounge room.

Pomegranate Splash Club Candle

We love candles like this that are both fresh and fruity. With a club candle subscription you'll never have the worry of running out of candles. We create two different candles each month and send them out to keep you surprised. 

Join Club Candle Australia today and look out for us on your doorstep next month, we promise we’re way better than bills or junkmail in your letterbox.

Pomegranate Splash monthly Club Candle subscription

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