Candle of the Month - Midnight in Marrakesh

Midnight in Marrakesh candle, gold candle

Our August 2022 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is...

Midnight in Marrakesh

Our next door neighbours import luxurious rugs from artisans in Morocco. From families that have been making them for generations. With everything going on in the World this has been one of their first trips over there and we were lucky enough to be gifted with the most intricate tea glasses, all blown by hand. It got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to create a Moroccan theme for our August candle.


Prepping our August candle, base labelling candle

Our candle card story is kind of a true one, our friends talked about the nightlife in Marrakesh, and everything they saw and ate, so it helped me write a more true to life story, than of course flying carpets.


It’s midnight in the city of Marrakesh, the streets are bustling with people. The aroma of precious spices, mingles with the clean fresh air sweeping in from the sea. The nightlife in Marrakech is a discreet affair, with hot parties taking place behind closed doors, where tourists and locals wind down from their busy day, listening to exotic music and eating lavish snacks, tomorrow we will sleep till noon. 

We wanted to find a fragrance for this candle that had a deep spicy feel. With a sample scent called Butterscotch and Cardamon we smelt it and knew it would be the perfect blend for the name, and jar. 

The scent notes are Cardamon, amber, clove, vanilla bean, rose water & bergamot.


wicked and ready to pour

We like to say with our candles that you can reuse the jar. With this one I’ll be using mine to hold  snacks at our next family gathering. To me it looks like it would be on a lavish table with fancy peanuts or pistachios. What will you use your jar for? To get the double use, just pour hot water into it after your last burn has set. This will warm the edge of the wax and lift it up from the base. It should hopefully float to the top and make it easy to remove and reuse. Send us photos, we do really love seeing them in your home.

Club Candle sub box and Midnight in Marrakesh candle

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