Candle of the Month – Lavender and Cucumber

Candle of the Month – Lavender and Cucumber

Our August 2020 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is... Lavender and Cucumber

This calm and cool scent makes a bold statement with Lavender, Seagrass and Cucumber. It’s a coastal retreat in a candle.


Lavender and Cucumber candle of the month

The matte grey of this candle container cried out to me a clean scent. I’m lucky to live close to the water and really love the cool crisp scent that comes off the sea. I know when people think lavender, they picture the lavender from their Nanna’s garden, or the paper inserts that used to line her chest of drawers. Lavender to me is such a calming scent and it can be quite beautiful when blended with a fragrance like cucumber.


Candles delivered monthly Lavender and Cucumber

Candles can create such different effects in your home. Whether you burn them of a night before bed to help calm your mind from the busy day you’ve had. Some people burn them to create a warm homely feel, others a clean and energising vibe. It’s these moods that I love to create. When I plan each month it’s not just throwing together a fragrance and a jar. I like to create a mood board of the different types of ‘ingredients’ and the emotion I’d like the candle to embody. Of course, blending it all together is a fun part of the whole thing, but I’d really like each month to have a purpose. That’s why I’m now sharing with you all the mood boards that we use to help us design the concept for each monthly candle.

August Club Candle Mood Fresh and Earthy

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If you haven’t made the leap to Club Candle customer, why not try us out. If you love candles as much as we do, I promise we will surprise and delight you each month with an everchanging candle concept and design.

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