Candle of the Month - Juniper and Saffron

Juniper and Saffron candle

Inspired by the beautiful red jar, we knew this candle had to be something fresh. We put our heads together and came up with the perfect combination of scents to match this fiery vessel. Juniper, when sniffed, has often been used as a "pick-me-up" in aromatherapy which matches our happy red vessel. Saffron adds a touch of spice to the candle and has often been used in ancient medicine. This earthy scent will fill your home with a beautiful aroma.

earthy candle scent
We had a lot of fun with the label on this jar too. It has a special significance to us here at Club Candle. Our work experience student was here for the creation of this candle and she helped with everything from the scent right down to the label creation. What does the number 132 on the label stand for? Well we worked out that this particular candle is our 132nd concept candle for this amazing club! That’s a lot of jars, scents and candles and we’ve loved every single one of them and we can’t wait to create many more! We added some sparkle with a gorgeous gold fleck against the black label to really make it pop on the red jar!

red candle jar
We hope you loved our giant red glossy jar this month as much as we do! It gives off a beautiful fragrance that we simply adore. It was a really significant candle for us here at Club Candle that we loved creating.

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