Candle of the Month - Honey and Chai

Grey candle jar, honey and chai scent.

We had fun when picking the scent for this one. We threw a bunch of fragrance options in a box and drew out two which we turned into our sweet candle. Say hello to honey and chai! The cutest vessel we ever did see deserved to be filled with a comforting scent. The plan was to create a fragrance that feels like a giant warm hug!
Grey candle jars
The gorgeous grey vessel with its matching lid reminds me of something my nan would’ve had sitting on her bedside table. It’s intricate, beautiful and definitely a little bit special. Infused with the comforting scent of Earl Grey. It’s sweet like honey, calming with a hint of hay and has a spicy undertone of Chai and Balsam. A warm scent that is so inviting and fills the room with a lovely aroma.
Honey and chai candle
We loved creating this inviting scent for our October candle. Every month we set out to make something truly unique, one of a kind, something you won’t find from any other maker. Whether it's a gift for yourself, your loved one or a friend we love creating different candles each month and we hope you love them too!

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