Candle of the Month – Happy and Holiday

Candle of the Month – Happy and Holiday


Our month 2018 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is...

Happy and Holiday

It's a double up month where you can keep them both or share with a friend.


This Christmas combination of cinnamon, clove and cranberries are layered with a fresh and tart apple cider top note.


Nothing says Christmas more than the scent of crisp, green pine trees. Our Holiday scent is mingled with cedarwood and woodland fir. To bring the smell of Christmas trees into your home.

Happy Holiday our copper and silver holiday candles

There’s nothing better than candles for Christmas. Whether you lighting them around your home or giving them as gifts. The best memories are made with scent. Do you remember when you were a kid and you could smell cookies baking in the kitchen. Maybe it was bacon sizzling in the pan of a Sunday morning. One of my favourite smells is fresh cut grass in an afternoon after a hot day.


It’s funny how a certain smell can take you back. We try and create memories like that with each candle box we send. We want you to be able to smell it as you open the lid and be surprised everytime with the new candles we’ve created just for you.

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