Candle of the Month – Green Tea and Lemon

Candle of the Month – Green Tea and Lemon

With us all at home a lot more than we ever used to, we all deserve a bit of a posh day spa, in the comfort of our homes. The refreshing zen notes of mint, cucumber, and eucalyptus will bring the tranquil vibes with the subtle hint of green tea and lemon to encourage total relaxation.


Candle of the Month Feb 2021

Green Tea and Lemon

Green Tea infused with the zest of a lemon, crushed leaves of mint and eucalyptus with a few slices of refreshing cucumber.


We wanted to pour this candle in a jar that looked like a big cup of tea and added the cute Tea Tag to make it look like we had seeped this wax in green tea.


Green Tea and Lemon Candle

We are so lucky that we get to play with different concepts every month and of course this month was hot beverage, with our other Sweet / Fruity candle Caramel Latte. Both candles are available without a subscription on our website. We have a PAST BOXES section where you can shop our past candles.

Both candles Feb 2021

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