Candle of the Month - Good Vibes

Good Vibes Candle

Our July 2022 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is… Good Vibes

Now, I don’t want to brag but I wholeheartedly believe that I am the queen of Good Vibes. My own personal mantra when times get tough, I even went as far as to get it tattooed on myself. 

As a person who sometimes struggles when it comes to getting inspiration, I have random bouts of energy and inspiration. Sometimes I sit at the computer, planning to create so much content and suddenly I freeze up. Nothing comes to my mind and it's as though I've never made a candle in my life and I forget everything I've ever known. Other times, I'll be as busy as anything and be going  a million miles an hour and suddenly have the best thought of my lifetime. Admittedly, It’s probably something I should address but being this way has got me through 23 years of my life (somewhat) unscathed. 

This month, I was given the challenge of creating something from (almost) nothing. My criteria was turning a plain white jar into something fun and creative. I’m the queen of going overboard and being a bit extra, and I knew I had to blow it out of the park with this one. White wax in a white jar can be nice and a somewhat timeless classic, but I knew I wanted to really have fun with this one. After all, it is the July candle which marks my birthday month and also my anniversary of working here at club candle. 

The fragrance that we ended up using for Good Vibes is one that we’ve had around for a while but never found the right time to use it. Super sweet and fun, it just didn't feel right using it on a candle that did not match. I thought it would be the perfect challenge to try and use such a fun, bright fragrance with a simple jar. 

Adding to my list of things I knew I was going to use, I started to deduce what was left.

Glassware - check.

Fragrance - check.

Concept? Uh oh. 

As the deadline was getting closer, I kept procrastinating with designing the labels for this candle and before I knew it, there were only a couple of days left for me to design the label and send it off to be printed. After a hectic week, I sat down at my desk one afternoon and began designing. I knew I wanted to include lots of fun colour in the label to really make it pop against the matte surface of the jar. I’ve seen some designs in the past that were a bunch of brightly coloured scribbles and squiggles randomly placed in the background and so that was what I tried to draw my inspiration from. But, because I'm such a scatterbrain, I actually don't know where I saved the initial pics I wanted to base it around. I was working purely off memory which is a terrible idea for someone who has a memory that resembles that of a goldfish. There were a few different designs that I cycled through, beginning with several designs that somewhat resembled a rainbow. 

Good Vibes Label

I eventually designed something I was happy with and it was sent away for printing. I was so excited when they finally arrived and they looked even better in person! 

When we ended up pouring these candles we didn’t have any plan to add colour to the surface but the labels had arrived, we thought that it would make the candle pop even more. WE have been doing some colour experiments and tests recently so we knew the perfect recipe to make some cool pastel colours. Drizzling the colour over the wax was probably my favourite part of making these. 

GOOD VIBES - Light when you’re in need of a mood boost

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