Candle of the Month – Fresh Herbs and Citrus

Candle of the Month – Fresh Herbs and Citrus Club Candle

Our August 2017 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is...


A combination of refreshing herbs like sage and basil leaves combined with fruity and tangy cuts of citrus fruits like lemon, lime and orange notes in this earthy and fresh scented candle.

Club Candle Fresh Herbs and Citrus

Named Fresh Herbs and Citrus, it literally smells like we have chopped them up and added them to this months candle. We have infused this candle with 100% natural essential oils of both Basil and Lemon to really give it an uplifting and crisp feel. We love the matte white container with the gold metallic lining.

Fresh Herbs and Citrus Club Candle of the Month

With a limited amount of boxes available, be sure to get in quick and become a member of the club, not only do you get an amazing and unique candle delivered to your home or workplace each month we have also started add a few bonus treats to our boxes every now and then.

We love the white vessel and the inner gold  to bring a bit of bling

Our huge candle of the month


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