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Candle of the Month – Black Orchid

by Club Candle |

Our March 2021 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is...


Black Orchid


This delicate blend of orchid flowers, patchouli and musk create a sensual mix of warm, spicy, earthy, floral.


Black Orchid

With this dark container we wanted a dark scent. During our fragrance pick this floral jumped out at us. The orchid flower and patchouli scent worked perfectly. We always hate using stickers on our beautiful jars so we opted again for a printed paper label that can be easily removed. This container is a keeper.


Our Candle of the month is themed to the season or the jar. We are starting to see more colour and dark moody themes. There are also a lot of texture coming through with lids and glass or ceramic moulded to create a small piece of art.


Our Subscription candle are available in our SHOP OUR PAST CANDLES section on our website. It’s a great way to get the candle you loved again and if you’re not a subscriber, you can pick up the candle to try out our service.

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