Candle of the Month – Beach Bonfire

Candle of the Month – Beach Bonfire Club Candle


Our September 2018 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is...

Beach Bonfire

It’s a chilly night at the beach, the wind is blowing the salty ocean air around your face. Warm your hands by the bonfire, snuggling up to someone close. Watch while the golden hot flames lick at the logs and the sparks flicker and crackle. The smell of burning wood mixed with the sandy beach, the heat warming your body and relaxing your nerves.

Candle of the month

We love that a candle scent can tell a story and take you on a journey to another place or time. Whether it's evoking a certain memory or creating a new one candles tell a story from the first smell to the last ignition. 

Beach Bonfire Club Candle

We want to take you on a magic carpet ride to exotic places and unique spaces. Join the Club and receive a new and ever-changing candle scent delivered to your door to treat you for working hard and give you a small reminder to take the time to stop and relax. 

I this month's box you all received a handmade piece of art. Our new friend @nikoftime_ (Instagram) has custom made candle coasters for each our you to blend with the caramels and coppers of your candles this month.

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