Candle of the Month - Basil, Lime & Mandarin

Candle of the Month - Basil, Lime & Mandarin

Have you ever seen something really cool and wanted to take a photo of it, but once you take the photo (no matter the lighting), it just makes the item look boring and dull? The jar we chose for Basil, Lime and Mandarin is one of those situations.

Basil, Lime & Mandarin Up Close

It’s such a beautiful peachy pink, and no matter how we tried to get photos and videos of this month, it just never quite showed up right on camera. Every photo I've got of this candle seems not as vibrant as it looks in real life. It’s almost one of those things where you have to see it to believe it.

Making Basil, Lime & Mandarin was one of those no-brainer moments, as soon as we picked the fragrance for the month we knew that it would match perfectly with this peach jar we’d been holding onto for a while. Sometimes we look through the candle glass library and have no idea what we’ll do with a jar, and sometimes once we pick the fragrance it all seems to come together quite quickly. Not going to lie, there are some month’s where we are absolutely stumped on what to do and have to search for hours for some inspiration. I think it’s almost like some months we have a creative block.




Segments of mandarin.

Freshly picked basil, with just a sprig of thyme.

A squeeze of lime juice.

We hope you love Basil, Lime & Mandarin!

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