Candle of the Month – 2020

Candle of the Month – 2020

Our January 2020 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is...


Why did we call this candle 2020? Well, we wanted to celebrate the New Year with a fragrance to enable you to reflect, reset and refresh for 2020. We've picked an amazing mix of oils to do that with a fresh burst to get you ready and in the right state of mind for the New Year ahead.


Top: Lemon, Green Tea and Bergamot

Middle: Honey and Cardamom

Base: Fresh Mint Leaves and Earl Grey Tea

2020 Club Candle of the Month


We’ve blended both essential oils and fragrance in this candle. We like taking scents from our life experiences and nothing soothes our body, mind and spirit quite like a green tea. Add lemon and honey and you have rejuvenation in a cup. We played on that concept when creating this month’s candle and included scents like bergamot, fresh mint leaves and cardamom.


We poured into a gorgeous jar that when the candle is lit looks like the night sky on New Year’s Eve, filled with lights from the fireworks.


Cardamom is kind of a favourite of mine at the moment. Originally a spice with an intense, almost slightly sweet flavour. People often compare cardamom to mint.


Earl Grey Tea was a must-have to help ground this candle. I’m actually not a coffee drinker so a cup of tea is essential in my daily routine. Did you know that bergamot extract is the main component of Earl Grey Tea?


Lemon and Bergamot are the zesty citrus hit to help boost your mood and refresh your space.



As the saying goes; if you don’t love yourself, who will? Well, we feel the same way here at Club Candle. If you don’t treat yourself, who will?

Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month - 2020

It’s the little things in life that help get us through the everyday grind.


Whether you grab a coffee on the way to work, buy your lunch once a week, buy that thing online you’ve been googling for a while or take a hot bubble bath. Doing little things for yourself is a great way to increase your happy. This, of course, helps boost endorphins and your mental health. So, this year we want you to buy those shoes, spritz that fancy bottle of perfume you keep for special occasions and light that candle. Life needs to be enjoyed.


xoxo Sandi
Club Candle


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