About me

About me

When I moved out at age 18 and after I got over the cost of my first grocery bill. My first real 'luxury purchase' - I'm going to stop right there... I don't love the word luxury purchase. I think we should be able to spend our hard-earned money on whatever we like, and we should definitely be using it to treat, pamper, indulge, delight and surprise ourselves with something special, cause lets face it, after the age of 21, unless it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas the time for gift-giving is OVER. If we don't treat ourselves to something beautiful, who will? Anyway...My first ME purchase was a candle.

I love giving gifts
With my ever-growing love of candles, my coffee table always looked like a candle store. I dream of having a home that looks like those in magazines or on the amazing feeds of Pinterest or Instagram but I just really love candles - lots and lots of candles. I was never really loyal to one brand in particular so there were different scents, vessels, colours, shapes and sizes. It's so great to come home at the end of my day and get to choose the perfect scent to suit how I am feeling. Smell may be the most powerful of all our senses and I love that certain scents can evoke treasured memories and alter your mood.

We used to chew through candles so quickly, that one night when finishing a bottle of wine from a subscription box that arrives monthly (thank you @nakedwinesaus), It hit us that a monthly subscription box for candles would be an awesome idea! So with the help of some amazingly creative people, who we would never be here without (you know who you are! xoxo), Club Candle was born.

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