Burn This Candle To Help You Relax

Lavender, Musk and Narcissus candle is the perfect complement to your snooze session. Its earthy and refreshing scents will transport you to a peaceful and calming space, whether you're taking a nap or just need a moment of tranquility.

In this months fragranced candle you’ll find a beautiful blend of fresh and floral, including jasmine, lavender, orchid, musk and narcissus. Pronounced naa·si·suhs

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When it comes to scented candles - why should it be sweet scents in Summer and Woody in Winter?

While most people will opt for fruity, sweet scents in Summer, and dark woody candles in Winter. 

I change my preference for my favourite candle fragrance almost every day and I rarely let the time of year dictate my decision. I also love to mix scent notes that normally shouldn’t collide, like earthy with fruity and fresh with sour, and when you get a perfect match…it’s heaven.

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