Juniper and Saffron

Inspired by the beautiful red jar, we knew this candle had to be something fresh. We put our heads together and came up with the perfect combination of scents to match this fiery vessel. Juniper, when sniffed, has often been used as a "pick-me-up" in aromatherapy which matches our happy red vessel. Saffron adds a touch of spice to the candle and has often been used in ancient medicine.

CANDLE FRAGRANCE - Saffron, Ginger, Suede, Paprika, Peppercorn and Juniper

The label on this jar has a special significance for us. The number 132 represents the number of concept candles we have made for this amazing club over the years!

Our past Club Candles are available until sold out. It's a great way to try our candle subscription experience, and if you love candles as much as we do, you can subscribe to the club. 

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