Atlantic Candle

Atlantic Candle


Bright blue seas and skies with the ultimate sailing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean. Relaxing sandalwood and a hint of musk. Enjoy your nautical voyage. 


Our past Club Candles are available until sold out. It's a great way to try our candle subscription experience, and if you love candles as much as we do, you can subscribe to the club.

What's in the ‘I want to Choose Box’?

Like to know what you're getting? We hear ya, this box you can choose what type of fragrance you like. Whether it's Fresh and Earthy scents or Sweet and Fruity fragrances. You just choose from the drop-down menu which box you'd prefer.

We have two types to choose from, now don’t get scared we don’t use all these fragrances in one candle. It’s just an example of the types of scents we could use.

Fresh scents like lemon, ocean, lychee, grass

Earthy scents like sandalwood, sage, mint, cinnamon 

Sweet scents like butterscotch, vanilla, cookie crumb, pomegranate

Fruity scents like pineapple, strawberry, lime, apple


Take a look at our blog post for all our past candles or reach out and ask. We can learn what you do or don’t like and make sure you don’t get a scent that you hate.

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