Aduri Candle

Cool, delicate and invigorating, our Aduri candle fuses notes of fresh air, apple and orange peel with sparkling tropical undertones and a hint of grounding Balsam and Clove. This candle’s fragrance is infused with the natural essential oils of bergamot.


The Original – This was the Candle of the Month, the scent and candle container is exactly like what our subscribers received.


The Basic – Just like in our wardrobe, the basics are the essential items we actually wear, wear out and replace. So why not shop the basic candle in the scent you love. They come in a classic white jar that works with every décor.

1 x 250g candle in our basic white candle container


The Sampler – This is a great way to try out the scents in our range. Pick up a few different samplers to work out which one is your new favourite.

1 x 50g maxi tea light


The Melts – Don’t burn candles? That’s OK we can still be friends. Here is a way you can be part of the club and get our scented melts to use in a wax warmer. (Wax warmers are also available in our gift section)

8 x 25g melts


The Refill – Want to reuse your past candle containers? Pick up our refill kit and you can make your own candle at home. Just let us know the diameter of the past Club 

Candle container you want to reuse in the ‘ADD NOTES TO YOUR ORDER’ section when you checkout and we’ll choose the wick size for your DIY kit.

1 x 300g refill pouch 

1 x wick and stickum

1 x wick holder


*note we don’t recommend reusing your containers more than 2 times as the candle vessel may be compromised with overuse. Do not use anything other than one of our past candle containers as the jar may not be rated for candle use.




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