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I wanted to share with you all my love of candles - To take you on a fragrance journey every month. I wanted different scents and unique candle containers and wanted to surprise you with each delivery.

In 2016 I had a massive life change. In the span of a single month, I lost my job of 20 years, and my loving and supportive husband had to take a job interstate. After packing up my life and moving to a new one, I was lucky enough to be hired part time at my hubby's new workplace in the essential oils and fragrance industry. It seemed the perfect time to start making candles again with all my spare time and access to plenty of exciting fragrances and raw materials.

We used to chew through candles so quickly at home, that one night when opening a bottle of wine from a subscription box that arrives monthly, it hit us that a monthly subscription box for candles would be an awesome idea! Everyone has candles in their home, and there must be people on the lookout for new scents, vessels, colours, shapes and sizes, right? So, I decided to make the leap and start my own business and with the help of some amazingly creative people, Club Candle was born.

different Club Candle Candles over the years

I started out working from my dining room table, using a double boiler to make about 6 candles at a time. Now I work from a warehouse in Wyoming on the NSW Central Coast with my family and friends. Shipping out hundreds of boxes across Australia each month. Whether you're gifting to a friend or buying for yourself, I love that I get to bring a little surprise to your homes every month.

Thanks for joining us on this fragrance journey.

xoxo Sandi