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Why the 2 different scents each month?

You may be a lover of sweet-scented candles or you might hate them. It's nice to have a bit of an option, even though it's still a total surprise what you'll get.

How did you choose the scent 'types'?

In the beginning, we had a few different fragrance families to choose from on the website. We found that these 2 types seemed to be the most popular.

Sweet & Fruity

Fresh & Earthy

So, we created the 2 different boxes. Now don't get scared, we don't use both sweet and fruity scents in one candle - can you imagine a watermelon butterscotch candle?!?!

Here's an example of some of the scents we use in the 2 different boxes.

Sweet and Fruity Candle

Sweet and Fruity Box

The candle will either be Fruity with notes like Orange, Lemongrass, Tropical, Watermelon or Fig.

Or sweet with smells of Chocolate, Vanilla, Bakery, Lychee or Frangipani.

This box will take your home and turn it into a sweet and zesty zone! 

Fresh and Earthy Box

The candle will be Earthy like Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Vetiver, Lavender and Musk.

Or you might find fresh notes of Cucumber, Grass, Lemon, Laundry, Peppermint and Ocean.

This box will take your home and turn it into a mystic outdoor environment! 

Fresh and Earthy Candle