Candle of the Month – Vanilla and Orange

Candle of the Month – Vanilla and Orange Club Candle

Our January 2019 Sweet and Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Vanilla and Orange

Sweet and creamy vanilla swirled with mouthwatering juicy orange completes this ultimate summer candle.

Buttercream / Vanilla Bean / Orange Zest

Vanilla and Orange candle

Everyone loves Vanilla. It’s one of those candle scents that everyone seems to choose in a store. I can’t tell you how many vanilla candles I’ve had in my life and this one would have to be up there. The addition of orange brings a zestyness to the vanilla and so many people have commented when they’ve smelt this candle.

Club Candle vanilla and orange

With a new year arriving now is a good a reason as ever to join the club. Here at Club Candle we love candles and make and send out new and interesting scents and styles each month to people right around Australia. With the boxes the best price they have ever been we’re now seeing how much you all love candles too. Thanks for supporting this Aussie family business as we get to do something that we love every single day.

Vanilla and orange candle of the month

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