Candle of the Month – Sandy Beach

Candle of the Month – Sandy Beach

Our November 2020 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is... Sandy Beach

This candle smells like …

Ocean Breeze + Sunshine + Salt Water + Sand


We imagine you’ll enjoy burning it…

On a hot sunny day, with a frosty beverage, in your holiday house situated on a white sandy beach. Or at least, choose one from our list.



One of the most delicious scents to fill your home is the beach. Everyone craves Summer with the smell of coconut from sunblock, citrus from the sun and the clean refreshing hit of salty sea air.


With my name Sandi everyone always asks ‘Do you love the beach?’ So I had fun with the name of this candle and kinda named it after myself. I love fresh scents for warmer weather and the beach has to be top of the list.


Some people say candles are for winter. Yes they’re cozy but I really love them to create moods in my home. It’s such a compliment when someone walks in and breathes deep and says how amazing your home smells. I find our candles have just as much cold throw as they do hot. Which means when the candle is lit you’ll obviously smell it throughout your space, when it’s cold you should smell it too. It won’t be as strong but, having a few candles placed in each room should get you a great gentle aroma to leave guests wishing they live with you.


That’s why Club Candle was created. So you’d get to sample so many different scents and styles to mix up your space. If you’re thinking of joining the club there’s no better time than today. Take a look at my favourite at the moment the Fresh/Earthy box. You can expect to see cool cucumbers, clean water fragrances, fresh citrus the perfect plus one for your home this summer.



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