Candle of the Month – Dream Catcher

Candle of the Month – Dream Catcher
Our January 2020 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is… Dream Catcher

A refreshing mix of driftwood and lemon, cucumber and sage, bergamot and ocean breezes.
Dream Catcher Candle With Lid Aside
In all honesty, we’ve been holding onto this jar for quite some time. We picked it up in late 2020 and at the time we got overly excited and ordered what we soon realised was WAY too many! There’s many perks about being able to change up the candle jar/fragrance/theme each month, but a downside is that if we ever have too many jars left over, there isn't much we can do with them. We’re lucky that the candle market has tens of thousands of jars out there so while we may have some similar jars in different colours, we haven’t had to repeat an exact jar yet.

Fast forward over a year later and we’ve reached enough sales that we can comfortably use this jar without having nightmares of having a million left over. This one was tough for us, we stared at the jar for a few days trying to decide what we could do with it and it wasn’t until we decided on our Sweet/Fruity candle, that we worked out what we could do. Sticking with the Boho theme, we discussed different ways we could work the idea of a dream catcher into it. We may have initially been too ambitious (especially with the hard work Boho Summer required with its bead/feather) and we almost decided on a Cricut cut sticker of a dreamcatcher. We printed out a few and after realising each one took about five minutes to weed the vinyl and apply, we realised we’d have to reconsider.

In the end we came up with the design for our sticker and I think the subtle hint of gold makes it look a thousand times better than we ever could have.
Lesson learned, don’t bite off more than you can chew especially around Christmas time!

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