Candle of the Month - Acorn

Candle of the Month - Acorn

Our April 2021 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is… Acorn.

Over the top? Maybe! This oversized acorn was just too cute to pass up. And what fragrance could be more perfect than something a little nutty.  


Every few months we go searching for our next stash of candle jars. Sometimes we buy them 6 months in advance and sometimes we’ve been known to leave it to the very last minute. When we came across the acorn jar, we knew we loved it and immediately bought a massive supply. 

We often place a jar somewhere in our view while we work and just look at it from all different angles, up close and afar, just to work out what kind of theme we should go with. Once we figure out a rough idea of what we want, we get into the details and have to decide what kind of label, fragrance, and all that other fun stuff we think matches it.


BUT.. with the acorn jar, we had it sitting on our desk for a few months before we could even work out what to do. It was a big impulse buy and looked beautiful on a screen but once it actually arrived, we had no idea what we were planning to do with it. What looked like a small, shiny golden lid actually turned out to be a MASSIVE acorn topper and we were all so taken aback by it when it arrived. We thought it was a bit too much and that everyone would hate it, thinking it was too out there, but BOY were we wrong! We’ve had so much great feedback from you all saying how much you loved it. We’re so glad we took a leap of faith with this one and we’re so glad you all loved it!


Nutmeg, Frankincense, Hazelnut and Cinnamon, with a touch of orange and Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil.

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